Organized Home, Organized Life

If you’re trying to step up your game at work or have a less chaotic personal life, getting your home in order may seem low on the priorities list. However, organizing your shoes and decluttering your closet may be just the right first step to getting the other aspects of your life in order. Read More

Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

You’ve decided it’s finally time to buckle down and do a thorough spring cleaning, and you’re going to do it the right way this year. That means tackling the garage (which currently holds no cars, but lots of boxes and clutter) and the basement (you’re not even sure what’s down there and not sure you want to find out!). Read More

Should I Hire a Housekeeper?

Deciding whether or not to use a housekeeping service sets off a whole chain of follow-up questions. These will either send you on a wild goose chase in personal planning, or lead to an efficient, affordable new way to manage your time and energy. Ideally, your choice will mean improved quality of life, with more time for the activities you truly value. Read More

What are the Benefits of a Clean & Healthy Home?

A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy home. Living in a clean environment is so important to your physical health as well as your overall sense of well-being. Did you know that a single bacteria can grow into over eight million in a single day? In addition to keeping germs from multiplying, regular cleaning discourages insects from sharing your living quarters. Read More

Top 8 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Maid Service

Americans are busier today than ever before – stretched to the limit by work, school, parenting, and elder care responsibilities. Cleaning services can help modern families have more of life’s most valuable commodity – time. Read More

Spring Cleaning Checklist Room by Room

Warmer weather is here, which means it's time to start your spring cleaning! Where should you start, though? Whether you want to clean a single room, or your entire house, this spring cleaning checklist is perfect for letting you know what needs to be done. Read More

How to Save Time on Doing Household Work

Between work and raising kids, taking the time to give your home the cleaning it needs can be tough. As modern lifestyles put more pressure on schedules and technology enables work to intrude into home life, finding ways to quickly and efficiently clean can help take some of the stress out of daily life. Read More

2 Local Gals' Home Watch Checklist

We all want the peace of mind of knowing that our home is safe while we’re away. Homes can be susceptible to burglary, especially when the occupants leave for an extended period of time. 2 Local Gals can help ease your mind by providing a number of services while you’re gone, so that the safety and maintenance of your home is never compromised. Read More

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom Like a Pro

You’ve been putting it off for weeks—maybe even months: the dreaded chore of deep cleaning the bathroom. Meanwhile, the bathtub has gotten grimier, the sink ickier, and, well, we won’t even talk about what’s behind the toilet bowl. Read More

Cleaning Tips for Allergy Proofing Your House

Were you aware that more than half of the population has at least one type of allergen, if not several? Allergies are among the top 5 chronic disease recorded in the United States. While most people might think allergens are typically found outdoors, they would be greatly mistaken. In fact, most of the allergens people experience come from polluted indoor air. Read More

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