Home Organization
House Cleaning
  • - Move-ins and Move-outs
  • - Kitchen Cleaning
  • - Bathroom Cleaning
  • - Floors
  • - Trash Removal
  • - Home Organizing
  • - Vacuuming and Dusting
  • - Baseboards/Walls Cleaning
  • - Windows/Sills Cleaning
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Home Organizing
  • - Basements
  • - Linen Closets
  • - Home Offices
  • - Bedroom Closets
  • - Cupboards and Pantries
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Office Cleaning
  • - Trash Removal
  • - Window Cleaning
  • - General Organizing
  • - Breakroom Cleaning
  • - Vacuuming and Dusting
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Home Organization at 2 Local Gals will put your home in order.

Do the mountains of books and magazines on your coffee table just keep growing? Is the counter in your kitchen overrun with food that no longer fits in the cabinet? Are clothes always piled up on your couch and bed? If knick-knacks, food or home goods are cluttering up your home, 2 local gals can help.

At 2 Local Gals, we have the solution. 2 Local Gals is a full service company that specializes in home organization. 2 Local Gals will organize those places in your home that need that special attention. From basement clutter to the kitchen pantry, 2 Local Gals can bring harmony to any space.

Areas We Organize

  • -Closets
  • -Bookshelves
  • -Pantries
  • -Basements
  • -Bedrooms
  • -Living Rooms
  • -Kitchen Cupboards
  • -And More

2 Local Gals is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and up to the task. Contact Us today by phone or email to get a free quote or to schedule an appointment.

2 Local Gals Housekeeping, LLC is a BBB Accredited House Cleaner in Murray, UT